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5 October
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sugar_stack is the rockinest ex-peace corp New Orleans-livin' chick in the world. She's tall, and cute, and has lived in like three countries besides the US--even though she's from a tiny little town in North Dakota.

She wears a bandana on her head sometimes, and it's cute, but mostly she dresses very prettily and girly and is always well put together.

She is ALSO like the most social person I know, and is good at putting people at ease.

She's blonde, and in her own little Golden Girls she would be Rose. That isn't a bad thing!

Oh: Two cats, a broken laptop, a Jetta wagon, a Perfect Roommate, an aqua-retro dresser, and a (very) budding aptitude for DDR. She watches foreign movies more than I ever could, but never comes off as a snob. Very unassuming.

Okay, I'm going to stop now 'cause of that quip about DDR. She might kick me out and make me take my clothes out of her dryer.

(This is by sensational. She made me sign it. Hmph.)